Lucky Jet Strategies

Game fork

Lucky Jet allows you to make two bets simultaneously in each round. The essence of this strategy is to wager the amount of the first and second bets using the first one. That way you will not be able to go into deficit. In this case, you need to be especially careful. It is important to determine the moment when the odds will be high. Here and you will need to make two bets at once. The first bet should be placed on the automatic withdrawal at odds of 2.0, and the second bet should be watched by yourself and wait until it makes 5x, 6x. If the second bet fails, the first can cover both, and you won't go into deficit.

3 to 1 strategy

3 to 1 is another strategy, which can be classified as a successful one. It is used in case, for a long time, big odds from x5 do not appear. Its job is to withdraw a big bet with the help of cashout at low odds. With a smaller bet, it is necessary to try to catch a big x. Simply put, in two bets, the second will be a safety net. It will probably play at odds of 1.5. In that case, even if the second bet does not play, you will make a profit anyway.

The Ladder Down strategy

This strategy is suitable for players with a small account balance. It is said to work when a small number of users play Lucky Jet. The essence of the tactic is that you increase the bet and decrease the coefficient at auto withdrawal. For example, you can start betting with 100 RUR at odds of auto withdrawal 2.0. Then you start betting with already won money, but at lower odds. In this case, each subsequent bet will increase, and the auto withdrawal rate will decrease.

If you are new to the Lucky Jet game, you can start by using one of these tactics. You can combine them together. You can add your own ideas and create your own winning tactics. The main thing is not to forget to stop in time, and do not start betting all the money at once. With this approach, you are sure to lose your entire balance on the first day. Approach things wisely and with a cool head. This way you can start making really good money playing Lucky Jet.