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Flying Plane game - Aviator

Flying Plane is an online crash money game in which you can make good money without any special knowledge or skills. You can bet 10x, 50x even 100x, which means that if you bet at least 100 roubles you could win 10,000 roubles.

Aviator is a new generation game. In a matter of seconds you can win many times what you bet. The system of the game is fair and uncomplicated.

Don't forget that in the game you can both earn and lose on a bet. Funds need to be withdrawn before the plane leaves, otherwise you will lose. The game offers users to experience risk and excitement.

The essence of the game flying plane

Playing in Flying Plane, you feel like a real pilot, your earnings depend on your altitude. You need to stop in time so as not to fall and lose money. Your altitude will be accompanied by the odds that will be applied to your bet.

While you are playing you need to concentrate on the process, it is important to analyze the situation and feel the moment when you need to stop. To stop gaining altitude and collect your winnings, you have to press the bet redemption button.

In case you fail to redeem the bet in time, the money placed will be burned.

Important aspects:

  • The odds start to go up from 1x and go higher and higher along with the plane
  • Your winnings are generated from the sum of your bet and the odds received.
  • Before each round, the odds are randomly generated. You can check the fairness of any round via the game's special functionality.

How to play Aviator

The process of playing Lucky Jet is simple and straightforward. At the start of each round you need to place a bet. After that, the plane takes off and the odds go up along with it. At one point, the plane is destroyed and, accordingly, the odds stop increasing. Your task is to predict the moment of destruction and redeem the bet by getting a big x. The generation of each round is completely transparent. Everyone can check the fairness of the game.

Strategies and Tactics in Aviator

In order to win regularly you need to adhere to three basic rules:

  • Betting is fixed from your bank, you do not want to bet 100% of your total sum at once, it is much more reasonable to bet 10-20%.
  • Stay focused at all times, so as not to lose your concentration and not to lose all your accumulation.
  • Don't try to earn too much in the first session. Set yourself a goal of 30-40% of your total amount per day.

Low odds Aviator strategy

This tactic involves setting up auto-cashouts on low multipliers. Such odds work more often than others, but the winnings will also be small. Only 10% of the amount bet.

This strategy is quite good, little by little with it you can really make good money. The more so, the risks when using this strategy are minimal.

Aviator moderate risk strategy

This strategy talks about taking the winnings at odds of 2-3. The point is that there is a 40% chance of getting such a result. Sometimes it is possible to raise the bar a little higher. This strategy may not be the best, but once you understand how it works, you can significantly increase the percentage of winnings.