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Space XY online game

Space XY is a real find for your wallet. At many popular online casinos, this game is hugely popular with users. With Space XY, you can quickly turn a profit that far exceeds your initial bet. The viral games Aviator and Crash are the counterparts and successors to Space XY.

The principles of the game are simple: you must place a bet and redeem it before the rocket self-destructs. Otherwise the bet won't go in and you lose.

In the game, each rocket flight represents a different round. The coefficient used to multiply the initial bet is the flight time. Competitors' bets can be increased by a factor of 1, 2 or even 100 during a round. You can earn up to 200 roubles in less than 30 seconds by placing a bet of just 2 roubles. Does it sound fantastic? No, everyone can achieve success like that!

Space XY has a maximum multiplier of 200. In other words, if you bet 20 roubles you can win 4000 roubles.

The playing field is divided into several sections. The betting panel and the window in which the rocket flies are the most significant.

The essence of the game

Before the start of a round, you have to choose a betting amount and click on the \"Bet\" button to start the game. Following your flight manually will allow you to redeem your bet before the flight is over. In this case, the only factors affecting your winnings are the player and the odds present at the time of withdrawal. For example, your winnings are doubled if the withdrawal fee reaches x2. You just need to withdraw before the character drops. In each round, each participant can place two bets at the same time.

Basic Functions

There are ways to automate the gameplay for experienced players using winning game strategies. Both automatic betting and automatic withdrawals are available in the game interface. You can set a minimum bet for each round, as well as a maximum odds level at which the bet will be immediately withdrawn. This is especially useful if you want to make money without taking risks. You can, for example, set a maximum odds level of 1.1 in automatic mode. With a bet of 500 roubles, the winnings would then be 50 roubles. Not bad, and most importantly almost 100% probability of winning.

In the main window of the Space XY game, the history of the latest odds is displayed. With this information you can determine both the duration of the most recent flights, and the frequency with which the highest odds occur. No one can promise anything, but there is a possibility that high odds will appear very quickly if tiny odds persist for several rounds in a row. Might it make sense to take a chance on a significant reward?

Space XY strategies and tactics

In addition to the betting panel, the interface also displays a detailed Live Betting panel. It shows the total number of participants, their total bets and their earnings in real time.

You can view statistics for the amount and odds of your own bets in different tabs, as well as examine the information about the most successful bettors. To find out what were the highest odds played today. It will also be useful to study the stats of the top players from the previous day. Giant wins, with odds over 100, happen once an hour or even less frequently, so this knowledge is very useful. You can try to anticipate when the next jackpot will fall by knowing the odds history.

It is also a fairly popular strategy to play not without risk. In this case, it's worth redeeming the bet at odds of x2 to x3. The chance that it will give such x is around 40-45%. Based on the previous strategy you can bet and wait for the odds to rise higher, using the betting history. Using these tactics, you can build your own strategy in Space XY, which will bring you a stable income.