Lucky Jet game overview

With Lucky Jet, online casino users can win a tangible amount of money in a matter of seconds. It belongs to the crash genre, which means you have to hit the button in time to win at specified odds. Another representative of such gambling entertainment is the Aviator, only in Lucky Jet on the screen flying not a plane, and a man in a jetpack.

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How to sign up? Lucky Jet promotional code

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When you go to the casino to register, the home page opens to you.

To register, click on the 'Register' button in the top right corner

Next, go through a quick registration and provide your actual details:

  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Think of a password

To specify a promo code, click on "Promo code" add the promo code in the field and activate it.

After entering all the details, click on the "REGISTRATION" button.

How to play Lucky Jet - the rules of the game

There are no complicated rules or conventions here, as Lucky Jet was originally designed to make the process as simple as possible. The user makes a bet and launches the person into flight. During this "journey", numbers appear on the screen that are multipliers. All that remains is to stop the flight and collect their winnings. If the pilot leaves the screen, the bet is burned, so it is necessary to press the 'stop' button or another button in time, depending on the online casino.

Lucky Jet's main difficulty lies precisely in choosing the right time. The maximum possible multiplication factor reaches x200, that is, making a bet of 1 thousand rubles, you can win 200 thousand, but some online casinos set the threshold at x100 or x50. It is not always possible to achieve the biggest winnings, as the chance of exceeding the limit in this case increases considerably. But it is possible to play a short game here, settling for small odds, but always leading to victory.

Lucky Jet game interface and functions

As Lucky Jet is the ultimate in simplified entertainment for those who want to make a quick buck. At the bottom, you can select the bet size by setting it manually or by clicking on a specific icon. To the right of the entry field is the 'Bet' button, which acts as a lever to trigger, as in slots.

Joe, the name of the local jetpack pilot, is sent flying. At this time a \"withdrawal\" button appears at the bottom, which should be pressed when the ratio is satisfactory for the user. If the moment is missed, the pilot will fly away and Lucky Jet's bet will go to zero.

For advanced players, there is an automation option. \"Autoplay\" allows you to set a starting deposit size, while \"Autodraw\" sets the odds at which the pilot will be stopped. In this case, you can make a deposit in the Lucky Jet game and simply watch what happens, the system will start and end each round in automatic mode.

The blue icons at the top show the last few odds drawn by real players. These can be used to try and work out how far Joe will fly in the next round to increase your chances of winning.

How do I make a deposit at Lucky Jet?

Depending on the particular online casino, the process of entering real money into the Lucky Jet game and withdrawing it will be different.

To ensure maximum user convenience, the owners of gambling sites offer a variety of options, among which:

Bank cards

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • WebMoney, QiWi, Payeer
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

The maximum odds in Lucky Jet game is 200. That is, having made a bet of 1 thousand rubles, you can win 200 thousand. But the availability of funds for withdrawal is determined by the online casino and its internal rules - some allow you to get the entire amount at once, while others put restrictions and have to split it into parts.

Chat in Lucky Jet

Users of the gambling entertainment can communicate with each other without having to complete the process itself. For this purpose, an online chat room is provided where those who are currently trying to win with Joe's help are shown. You can correspond, discuss your wins and losses, and discuss strategies.

In addition, the internal chat room will periodically receive notifications that a player has managed to reach high odds. This can be a help for the game itself, as you can see at which odds Joe is most likely to leave the field. Thus, it will be possible to determine approximately the range, when it is better to stop the flight itself in order to avoid burning bets.

How can I check the fairness of Lucky Jet?

To make sure players have no doubts about the lack of cheating on the part of the online casino, the Lucky Jet game allows you to look openly at its algorithm. It uses Provably Fair, a system of randomly generated action chains. Simply put, each user can see for themselves that everything here is fair and there is no interference from the outside.

It works provably fair in this way. Before the start of the round, the algorithm generates 4 keys, called sids. These are made up of 16 characters generated by the randomiser, which means they are completely random. Based on this, even before Joe is launched, the system indicates at which point he will leave the screen and what the odds will be at that time.

The player can see which sids have been generated and what the actual result was in the past rounds. They will match 100%, which is automatically confirmed - no one can influence the result of a particular run.

Lucky Jet for mobile devices

There is no separate application for Android and iOS smartphones, but you can install the online casino client and use it. All the verified sites offer this gambling pastime now, so you won't have to look for a long time. Everything is easy to install on your smartphone - you just need to download the appropriate version from the official website to your device.

After that, it is necessary to register or log in with your username and password at the online casino and deposit a sum of money. Next, you'll need to search for Lucky Jet and run it in the hope of multiplying your bet by a tangible multiplier.

The mobile app allows you to make money wherever you have internet access. Moreover, the genre of crash does not require thoughtfulness, so you get to play and in transport, and the lecture, and even at work.

Lucky Jet FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky Jet

How do I play Lucky Jet for free?

There is no demo mode, so you can only try it in an online casino by making a deposit.

How do I win at Lucky Jet all the time?

Since all operations are performed by the randomizer on the side of the online casino, it is impossible to make your own changes and increase the chance of winning. There are also no specific strategies for this particular gambling game. But you can use common strategies like Martingale strategy.

What can be earnings with Lucky Jet?

It all depends on the dropped odds. Most often, Joe gets to small amounts like x1.20, x1.50, but sometimes users get lucky and get to multiply their bet by x40, x50.

Is there a bot or program for playing Lucky Jet for money?

If you mean something like hacking the internal algorithm to increase the chance of winning, there is no such thing. Inside the gambling entertainment itself, there are buttons to automate the start and stop of Joe, with the ability to specify certain values. This will make it easier for players who don't want to sit and click on the same thing all the time.

How do I make a deposit at 1win online casino to play Lucky Jet?

Signing up and making a deposit at 1win online casino will only take a minute of your time. Sign up and click \"Deposit in 1 click\" on the top right hand corner and choose one of the top up options.

How do I find the official Lucky Jet website?

If you are interested in the specific developers, they are unknown, as the information on the web on the creation of this gambling entertainment could not be found. You can play on the official website Lucky Jet through the links provided on our official website.

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